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Philadelphia ACE Project

Established in April 2012, the Philadelphia ACE Project works to develop policies, practices, and research that mitigate conditions arising from toxic stressors and ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and that increase the health and well-being of children and their families. The project includes representation from pediatrics, behavioral health, education, law, as well as foundations and others. In February, 2014, the Health Federation of Philadelphia became the new home for the Philadelphia ACE Project.

The Philadelphia ACE Task Force (PATF) is a collaboration and partnership between practitioners and public health leaders. The PATF has formed four work groups around four key priorities for bringing vision to action: Community Education, Bringing ACEs information into Higher Education (Workforce Development), Practical Interventions, and ACE Research.

Philadelphia ACE Survey and ACEs Research

In Philadelphia, members of the ACE Task Force—a group that includes doctors, behavioral health specialists, social service providers and researchers—wondered if living in an urban area might bring particular stresses not covered in the original ACE study, which focused primarily on household adversities. Their Philadelphia ACE Study, conducted in 2013, asked 1,784 adult participants additional questions related to community-level adversities.

More than half of participants in the Philadelphia ACE Study experienced ACEs, with similarly high rates of household and community level adversities. These data, in parallel with NCSH findings, suggest that the actual rates of adversity experienced by children in our communities may be underestimated when based on household-level adversities alone.

Get involved with Philadelphia and the Nation

To connect with others in Philadelphia and across the country about ACEs, Trauma and Resilience, in areas ranging from Education to the Justice System, and from Policy to Parenting, join the social media website,, and the Philadelphia ACEs Connection group.  This online community of practice is learning and working with information on ACEs, Trauma and Resilience. Visit Philadelphia ACEs Connection to join.

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