Philadelphia Integrated Care Network (PICN)

  • Expanding access to behavioral health services for patients of primary care and specialty medical practices
  • Improving the efficacy of healthcare
  • Building capacity to provide patient-centered, whole person care. 

About PICN

The Philadelphia Integrated Care Network (PICN) brings primary and behavioral healthcare together to reduce traditional barriers to obtaining behavioral health services such as cost, wait times and stigma — especially for low income and minority groups — to support team-based approaches to care, and to strengthen patient engagement in their overall care. The PICN uses the principles of the Primary Care Behavioral Health model to embed a licensed behavioral health specialist, known as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC), in the multidisciplinary primary care team to provide whole-person care.

Core Principles

Behavioral health consultation services are built on a foundation of recovery principles including: 

  • Patient-Centered care
  • Use of Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Service Integration (biopsychosocial care)

HFP's Role

HFP provides a variety of support services to PICN members who want to implement integrated care, including:

  • Training and ongoing professional development for behavioral health consultants 
  • Technical assistance for health practices to facilitate replication of and fidelity to the principles of integrated care
  • Oversee a community of practice to ensure ongoing skill building and peer support
  • Enhance access to resources, best practices and ongoing program improvement
  • Advocate to secure regulatory and payment policies to support sustainability

For More Information Contact:

Natalie Levkovich, Chief Executive Officer