Philadelphia Integrated Care Network (PICN)

  • Expanding access to behavioral health services for patients of primary care centers.
  • Improving the effectiveness of primary care.
  • Building capacity to provide patient-centered, whole person care.

About PICN

The Philadelphia Integrated Care Network (PICN) integrates primary and behavioral healthcare together as a way to reduce traditional barriers in obtaining behavioral health services, such as cost, wait times and stigma — especially for low income and minority groups. The PICN uses the Primary Care Behavioral Health model to embed a licensed behavioral health specialist into primary care practice. Physical health professionals work closely with behavioral health professionals to expand access and integrate whole-person care.

Core Principles

Behavioral health consultation services are built on a foundation of recovery principles including: 

  • Patient Engagement
  • Use of Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Service Integration

HFP's Role

HFP provides a variety of support services to PICN members who want to implement integrated care, including:

  • Training for behavioral health consultants 
  • Technical assistance for health centers to facilitate replication of and fidelity to the model
  • Oversee a community of practice to ensure ongoing skill building and peer support
  • Advocate to secure regulatory and payment policies to support sustainability

For More Information Contact:

Natalie Levkovich, Chief Executive Officer