User Spotlight: Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones, Philly Counts

This month, we caught up with Ronald Jones, a Community Health Worker for Philly Counts. Learn more about how Ronald uses the Connect4Health platform.

What is your role and what does your average day look like?
I serve as a Community Health Worker for Philly Counts. My role varies as I do outreach at a Community Based Organization, Historic Church of the Advocate, providing public health resources to participants and also in person private consultations. My role also entails making phone calls to participants from my area to assist them with many things. Many of their needs include rental assistance, utility assistance, food insecurity, and eviction diversion services.

What is your favorite part about your role?
In my youth, I had instilled in me the urge to help people. I personally love receiving a “Thank You” from participants, whether the resources helped them or not. I have also heard “You Tried” when we fall short. When an agency I referred is able to assist a participant, I feel a step closer to getting them to where they want to be. It makes me happy.

How are you using the platform?
I use the platform as a tool for my participants to ensure the resources they need are provided.  For example, while I am meeting with someone in person or on the phone, I share how the platform could help them reach their goals and also that I can make referrals on their behalf.

How has Connect4Health supported your work?
In my opinion, the Connect4Health platform is made for the Community Health Worker.  It helps me be more efficient for the person needing our assistance. It has helped many of my participants reach a public health goal.