Project HOME’s Vice President, Healthcare Services, Monica Medina McCurdy, PA-C, Appointed to Health Federation of Philadelphia Board of Directors

Philadelphia, PA –Monica Medina McCurdy, PA-C, Project HOME’s Vice President, Healthcare Services, has been appointed to the Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP) Board of Directors. 

A resident of Havertown, PA, she is a physician’s assistant who looks to bring her expertise to the HFP Board.  “We look forward to what we hope will be many years of her leadership and perspective as we work together to deliver health and human services to the Philadelphia area’s most vulnerable populations,” shared HFP CEO Natalie Levkovich.

Project HOME is a Philadelphia nonprofit organization with a mission to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society.  As one of its services, Project HOME operates the Stephen Klein Wellness Center in North Philadelphia, a member of HFP’s Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) and its Philadelphia Integrated Care Network (PICN).  Opened in 2015, the Stephen Klein Wellness Center now serves over 3,700 individuals each year.

Medina McCurdy didn’t always work in the health arena, but found it was her calling sometime in her 30s, “I am motivated by a belief that love is all that matters, and love can be made real by uplifting others. I am energized to expand my understanding of the world and to push back on the notion that social inequity, poverty and homelessness are inevitable features of society that we have to accept.  A society based on love cannot accept such realities. I gravitated toward a vocation in healthcare somewhat ‘late’ in my adulthood because healthcare/healing and love often go hand in hand. Despite starting late, I have been fortunate to have found an organization whose purpose is to aim for transformational change on the individual, community, and systemic levels,” said Medina McCurdy.  “Now that I’m a parent, I am also motivated to create conditions now that will provide my child - and all children - an opportunity to live lives based on mission, equity, and justice,” she continued.

In 2017, Medina McCurdy was honored as PA Health Access’ Provider of the Year. 

The Health Federation of Philadelphia Board of Directors includes a diverse group of talented and dedicated leaders, representative of the various communities we serve in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Our Board is comprised of 18 individuals, including 67% women and 56% representing minority groups.


About Health Federation of Philadelphia: The Health Federation of Philadelphia serves as a keystone supporting a network of Community Health Centers as well as the broader base of public and private-sector organizations that deliver health and human services to vulnerable populations. We promote community health by improving access to and quality of health care; by identifying, testing and implementing solutions to health disparities; and by providing training and technical assistance to help other organizations operate more efficiently and effectively.