Philadelphia ACE Task Force Policy Committee meets to strategize next steps

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia ACE Task Force’s Policy Work Group gathered at the Health Federation of Philadelphia’s Headquarters on Thursday, August 15 to learn more about effective policy change process and identify opportunities for continued advocacy for policy and procedure that incorporates good practice related to trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and resilience-building into the city and beyond.

After successfully working with Philadelphia City Council to provide testimony at a hearing regarding the impacts of secondary traumatic stress on caregivers and first responders, and members playing a role that brought about the passage of a trauma-informed education bill in Pennsylvania, nearly two dozen individuals from various sectors came together to discuss policy work projects and future plans.

Joined by State Representative Christina Sappey and Councilman Derek Green's Legislative Aide, Duwayne Terry - a key partner who helped successfully navigate the Task Force through past work - members learned policy change best-practices at both the city and state levels.

Terry, an instrumental force behind the Task Force’s work with Councilmember Derek Green, values the important issues the Task Force tackles here in Philadelphia and was excited to once again partner with the network.

“Councilmember Green cares deeply about preventing, treating, and raising awareness about STS, and the ACE Task Force have been champions on these issues.  After working with a core group throughout 2018 to put together our hearing last December, I was honored to be invited to speak to their greater membership about how advocates and legislators can best work together in pursuit of our shared goals,” shared Terry.  

Representative Sappey, a champion of  trauma-informed education who supported SB 144 bill, sees the Task Force as an important resource for more trauma-informed change moving forward.

“I am so pleased that we have passed trauma informed [hyphenated or not?] education in PA this year, and very pleased that Governor Wolf has declared PA a trauma informed state as well. Organizations like the Philadelphia ACE Taskforce will be important partners as we continue to raise awareness of ACEs and implement programs across systems,” said Sappey.

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