Main Line Art Center Wednesday Mosaic Class Donates “Little Library” to FPCN

Main Line Art Center’s Wednesday evening mosaic class, taught by Carol Stirton-Broad, recently donated a “Little Library” they created to a Family Practice and Counseling Network (FPCN) health center. 

Members of the class include Suzanne Daub, a licensed clinical social worker, who was instrumental in developing the Integrated Behavioral Health Program for Delaware Valley Community Health Center, and HFP’s Senior Director of Special Initiatives and Consulting, Leslie Lieberman.  Daub spearheaded the project.

"Our mosaic class wanted to do a group project and we had the idea of upcycling a used newspaper dispenser into a free library. When we brainstormed about places that might appreciate the artwork and enjoy a book exchange, FPCN’s health center came to mind. I am ever impressed with the culture of wellness at FPCN. The array services offered in the beautiful health center environment tells the community that beyond great medical care, healing requires addressing mind and body.  We hope this piece of functional art fits right in to that mission," said Daub.

To learn more about FPCN, please visit: