HFP trainer becomes certified to teach Community Resilience Model

Monica Sullivan (MEd.), a program manager and senior training specialist for HFP, recently became certified to use the Community Resilience Model in training sessions across the region. The Community Resilience Model (CRM®) is a skills-based training focused on trauma and resilience.

Created by the Trauma Resource Institute, TRI®, the program is designed to provide biologically-based interventions to help individuals and communities build resilience following experiences with trauma and adversity.

Philadelphia psychologist Kate Connolly (Psy.D.), and Kalma Kartell White (MEd.) of the Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (BHTEN) also received certification. Together, this team of three trainers can provide customized workshops to introduce professionals and community members to the six skills for cultivating well-being and hope used in the Community Resilience Model®

For more information or to schedule a Community Resilience Model® training session, contact Monica Sullivan at msullivan@healthfederation.

Photo Credit: Fairfield University, Egan School of Nursing
1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

Monica is pictured in the second from the left in the second to last row.