HFP awarded the Pinnacle Award from i2i Population Health

Nashville, TN – The Health Federation of Philadelphia was awarded the Pinnacle Award from i2i Population Health at the i2i Annual User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The award is given to health care networks that demonstrate superior population health management adoption within its network of participants, the passionate pursuit of healthier communities through a focus on positive outcomes and teamwork and partnership with i2i through innovations, challenges and growth.

i2i Tracks and Pop IQ are population health management systems implemented and used by members of HFP’s Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN). The HCCN is a grant-supported network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across Pennsylvania. The main goal of the HCCN is to optimize the use of information technology tools to support patient-centered health care through quality improvement efforts based on data collection, management, analysis and reporting. Through the HCCN, 17 FQHCs, 100 sites, and 420 providers have access to population health management tools and skills that improve access to high quality health care for 446,100 patients.

“We are pleased to present the 2017 Pinnacle Award to Health Federation of Philadelphia. It is an honor to work with an amazing team of individuals, and the many community health center leaders who epitomize what this award means to our company,” said Justin L. Neece, president and chief operations officer of i2i. “The Health Federation of Philadelphia maximizes i2i’s solutions every day to provide quality clinical care for communities in Pennsylvania. i2i is grateful for our partnership and the many successes to come.”

“When the health centers have the key data at their fingertips, they are empowered to improve health care for their patients and their communities,” said Suzanne Cohen, HFP’s senior director of population health. “It’s been a really exciting process to see the evolution of our Network to a truly data-driven approach where we can see and feel improvement happening”

In addition to the Pinnacle Award, Cohen was also awarded the best presenter award for her part in a panel discussion on network and health center collaboration for clinical quality improvement. Cohen chaired the panel, which featured Rana Watterson of ChesPenn Health Services and Jannier Kabir of Delaware Valley Community Health.

“This recognition is a wonderful tribute from peers and experts around the country and a reflection of the recognized value of our work with health centers,” said Natalie Levkovich, HFP’s CEO. “Congratulations to the entire HCCN team. Thank you to our partners and our allies. We could not be more grateful.”

For more information, visit the HCCN program page.