CBO Spotlight: HFP's Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes prevention

What is the Diabetes Prevention Program? What can participants expect from the program?
The Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence-based year-long lifestyle change program that supports participants at risk for type 2 diabetes to develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices and achieve weight loss.  Participants can expect to engage in group conversations about nutritious food selection, reducing stressors, improving sleep quality, and eating well away from home.

Who is the program for? Are there eligibility requirements?
This program is for pre-diabetic people.  To qualify, they must have an A1C between 5.7 and 6.4, a history of Gestational Diabetes, or a BMI of 25 or over.

What is important for individuals to know about diabetes prevention?
With meaningful lifestyle change, it is possible to prevent developing Diabetes.  It can be challenging but we encourage people to work with their healthcare teams and community members to make lasting change.

What is the best way to get connected to the program?
Individuals interested in this program should contact Cliff Brown at cliffordbrown@healthfederation.org, or apply for the program via Connect4Health under the Health Federation program.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
Many people have found lasting success in this program.  Our curriculum has been invaluable in addressing real concerns people face, and the community aspect makes the material tangible and approachable for people from all walks of life.