ACA Guidebook: Resources to Support Navigation of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and More

This ACA Guidebook is a compilation of numerous resources the Health Federation of Philadelphia Outreach & Enrollment team has used for in-person education and enrollment assistance, development of trainings and materials, and outreach.  Since 2013, our team has worked diligently to gather helpful tools, develop supplemental resources, and to identify tips and tricks for successfully navigating Affordable Care Act and Medical Assistance application, enrollment and appeal processes.  It is our hope that this guide will provide continued education and support to enrollment assisters.

It is important to note that this guide was developed in the context of insurance options available in the state of Pennsylvania and in a Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM).  Information provided here is current as of September 2018.

Click here to access HFP's ACA Guidebook