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Electronic Health Records Ambulatory Operations Specialist, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Posted Date: 
Monday, March 29, 2021 - 5:30pm
Expiration Date: 
Monday, March 29, 2021 - 5:30pm
Job Summary: 

Position Description Summary

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) Ambulatory Operations Specialist is a customer facing business analyst position with emphasis on the alignment of user workflows and related EHR systems with health center operations.  The EHR Ambulatory Operations Specialist is a professional skilled in EHR implementation and post- implementation in an ambulatory health service setting including front office, back office and ancillary services (lab, dental, radiology, pharmacy, etc.).  With respect to implementation, the EHR Ambulatory Operations Specialist participates in analysis, design, configuration, testing, training and system activation.  For ongoing support, the EHR Ambulatory Operations Specialist maintains the alignment of user workflows with application configuration, procedural optimization and training updates to ensure maximized operational efficiency.  The EHR Ambulatory Operations Specialist primarily serves as a change agent bridging (1) application stakeholders and end users, (2) the system software, (3) the organizational current/future state workflows and (4) the expected outcomes for the EHR system(s) individually and collectively.  The EHR Ambulatory Operations Specialist is a “hands on” position that collaborates with users and the EHR Team.


Ensure application and process integration 

·     Analyze inter-/intra- organizational business needs and application capabilities in order to achieve improved software and process integration in alignment with the EHR program vision.

·     Actively lead, facilitate and/or participate in regularly scheduled EHR Team Operations and Project meetings and support project stakeholders and work teams in addition to other project or operations subgroups as they are formed.

Create and analyze client requirements and post- operational process challenges

·     Use project tools to identify, interpret and trace/track business requirements from project inception through delivery and operationalization.

·     Identify and document opportunities for process change (workflows, change requests, etc.) as well as software configuration to maximize the patient/provider experience.

·     Translate customer requirements into structured specification documents for configuration.

·     Develop current and future state workflows which outline areas of difficulty, variability, data management, policy change, etc.

·     Assist customer in establishing benchmarks to measure project success.

·     Assist project team and organizational units in achieving business decisions that are aligned with both overall project/program objectives and goals within given technology constraints.

·     Assess, design, evaluate and support operational effectiveness.

·     Assist with the creation and/or modification and updating of policies, procedures, workflows, guidelines, methodologies, configuration workbooks, standard operating procedures, etc.

Job Responsibility    Job Description

Perform gap analysis and solution definition

·     Identify opportunities for process improvement.

·     Identify process, policy and functional gaps in system implementations and strategies to close them.

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the conceptualization, design, development and implementation of alternative solutions that resolve solve those gaps.

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the analysis and integration of business needs and application capabilities to achieve identified process improvements.

·     Actively identify integration opportunities and solution sets that further the overall EHR vision.

·     Research new technologies and techniques being used in healthcare or other industries that could be adapted to help solve client challenges.

Utilize project and process tools to achieve intended project outcomes and program values

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in sessions to redesign, configure and validate application changes as they apply to the assigned scope of position responsibility

·     Configure application(s) as required to support daily operations and change requests while following required EHR change control procedures

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the design, build, testing, training and evaluation of application(s) as required

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the data conversion/migration process of existing systems data to new/replacement systems as required 

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the creation of test, training and activation, and implementation plans; where possible, provide content expertise

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate with cultural/change management aspects of new projects

·     Assist the EHR PMO team in the identification and management of project issues and risks

·     Complete assigned activities and tasks according to the project schedule

·     Lead, facilitate and/or participate in the identification, review, revision and/or development of organizational policies and procedures affected by EHR-related application implementation

·     Develop end user training materials

·     Identify and develop solutions for identified issues and risks

·     Assist in the development of change requests

·     Participate in activation support

·     Participate in post activation evaluation/close out activities

·     Achieve successful certification in EHR-related applications as applicable to position responsibilities

·     Where identified, manage any assigned subordinate project resources

·     Ensure that the clinical lead and EHR PMO staff are informed of project status, risks, issues, changes, operational impact and notable events

·     Assist in the development, implementation and refinement of strategies to manage and sustain the relevant range of EHR-related applications

Post- implementation Support

·     Provide hands on post implementation support at various health centers

·     Evaluate existing pre-implementation workflows as compared with post- implementation activities and assist with change processes

·     Effectively establish and assist with request management processes to ensure client


Job Responsibility

Job Description


requirements remain satisfied

·     Provide training of user workflows as required for new implementations and workflow changes

Other Assigned




General Standards for the EHR Project Team Members



  ·     Demonstrate knowledge of departmental standards

·     Report status data to manager(s)

·     Maintain documentation of all application configuration baselines and changes over time


Client Support       

  ·     Utilize gained knowledge of client practices, organizational and regulatory requirements

·     Provide assistance to clients and customers across agencies as needed

·     Recommend and assist in developing mechanisms to decrease errors

·     Assume responsibility and demonstrate initiative

·     Document issues, risks, decisions, etc. as directed

·     Act as a change agent and supports clients in the migration from current to future state in most optimal way

Group Process         

 ·     Work collaboratively and constructively with team members to achieve program goals.

·     Foster positive communication and team work atmosphere.

Work Environment

·     Is respectful of all team members in verbal and written communications

·     Demonstrate ability to balance multiple work streams and associated complexity while achieving program goals



·     Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of client environment, EHR software, project management and other relevant tools as required by the program

·     Seek assistance as needed


Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university required; advanced degree preferred.

Experience Requirements

General Requirements:

o  Prior experience working with an EHR, EMR, clinical information system and/or health information management systems

o  Prior experience working with ancillary medical systems such as lab, radiology, pharmacy, dental

o  1-2 years experience in project management or coordination

o  3-5 years experience in a large physician practice or FQHC

o  Medical coding experience preferred


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·    Knowledge of front/mid/back office

·    Knowledge of processes/procedures for ancillary services

·    Expertise in the use of process analysis tools and methods

·    Exposure to project management theory and tools

·    Excellent knowledge of MS Office suite including MS Word, Excel, Project, Visio, PowerPoint

·    Strong verbal, written, interpersonal communication skills

·    Demonstrated ability to operate in a complex environment

·    Demonstrated ability to effectively manage stakeholder and vendor relationships

Physical Capabilities

·    Ability to stand and/or sit for extended periods of time

·    Ability to traverse physical locations to inspect workflows, train users, and other “hands on” activities

·    Ability to climb 3 flights of stairs in the event of elevator failure